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A Breath of Fresh Air

April 02, 2020

My Experience with Social Distancing

Living in the L-C Valley and commuting to Pullman for many years never really phased me.  It was a time to plan the day.   But my trip is much shorter now…5 minutes.  Since the pandemic started, I've been “working remotely” from the Clarkston office.  While it's not a bad thing, I miss my co-workers.  "Social distancing” can get a person kinda down and make you miss doing things with family and friends.

But when I received this note from my granddaughter, Maddie, I got back some of the inspiration and faith that I was starting to lose.  I wanted to share this with you all, and I hope it brings smiles to you as well. 

Even though our front door is locked, we are all working remotely and are here to serve you.  Blessings to you ALL!