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                                                 July 2021 Newsletter

Our new "back office" live July 26th

Soon you will be seeing mailings confirming new affiliations for our business. We are transitioning to a new partner, LPL Financial, who will provide the platform for the services we deliver. Our business, Values & Vision Financial Advisors, remains unchanged and the commitment of our team to your financial success is unwavering. 

If you would like to learn more about LPL Financial you can take a look at this flyer:  LPL Financial Flyer.

The team has also put together a short zoom video so you can get many of your questions answered about how the transition may impact you:

What's Changing and What Remains the Same...

What's new for MOST of our Clients?

Accounts and Information: There will be a new way to view your various accounts and information going forward, called "Account View". Watch the video below if you want to get a feel for it.


Please be patient as your account information fully transfers into AccountView: It could take days or weeks, so please give it some time for all of your data to trickle in.


Ivy Funds and Pershing Account Login: Soon-to-be prior Account Logins will remain into 2022 for obtaining old statements or tax records.


Compass/Albridge: Your consolidated account overview and history on Compass/Albridge, (the one we usually review in person with you) history will remain. If you access this yourself now or would like to start we will we send you a new login/ link to set up a fresh password, post transition.

What's new for SOME of our Clients?

Contact info: We might need brief updates on things like your contact info or other details in our records. Don't worry, we be in touch as need be.


Billing Process: If you have a monthly internal billing that will shift to quarterly charges. Same total number annually, just pulling now in 4 quarterly slices vs. the old 12 monthly slices.

What's staying the SAME for our Clients?

Investment Holdings in your accounts will remain unchanged: They will be managed in a manner similar to your current accounts with no change in management fees.


Insurance contracts: Your insurance contracts will continue without change.


eMoney/Wealthlink: Your financial plans personal access site will have the same login and functionality.


Texting: Our ability to text you is also staying the same.


Your advisors and our support staff: We are, as always, here for you with any questions you have or to help with changes in your life.

Account View: A New Way to View Your Accounts...

Account View: A New Way to View Your Accounts...

Here's an overview of our new tool, AccountView, which will be available shortly after everything settles in with the transition.

Washington State W-2 Workers Will Pay New Long-Term Care Tax...

Washington State W-2 Workers Will Pay New Long-Term Care Tax...

Read more about the Washington Cares Act and options you may have:

Celebrating 37 Years...

Celebrating 37 Years...

Hey, Rachel Nnoli here.

You'll find me working in the back office at Values & Vision, but I've also been friends with Jeff and Angie longer than I've been an employee. My husband lived with them in years past and now we just get together to eat good food and take a ride on the boat.

Jeff and Angie celebrated their 37th anniversary on June 9th this year, and I have to commend Angie - she has been there for the times of joy and the times that make your hair gray. I know Jeff couldn't do all he does without her (someone teach this man how to pack his own lunch!) and it's been awesome to walk alongside them.

Kudos to Angie!

Quotes & Quips

"Be generous, and someday you will be rewarded. Share what you have with 7 or 8 others..." - King Solomon

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." - William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet

“You will make better decisions as you begin thinking long-term rather than short-term.” - Adam Smith