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Everything you need to know.

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What Remains the SAME for All Clients?

Advisors & Support Staff

We are, as always, here for you with any questions you have or to help with changes in your life.

Our Commitment

We remain committed to providing you with the best possible financial care uniquely tailored to you and your family.


Your consolidated account overview and history on Compass/Albridge  the one we usually review in person with you — will soon be available.

What's New for SOME Clients?

Account Numbers

While some accounts may retain their current identification numbers, most account numbers will change.


While the tool remains the same, you may need to set up a fresh log-in. Please contact Lori at (509) 332-2543 to set up a new username and password in order to gain access to your financial planning data.

Billing Process

Billing will be processed quarterly now rather than monthly. The total annual charges will remain the same — just pulled in different increments.

What's New for MOST Clients?

Online Access

There will be a new way to view your various accounts and information going forward, called "Account View." Please be patient as your account information fully transfers into Account View.

Mutual Funds Statements

Statements for your mutual fund accounts will have a different appearance.

*Disclaimer: this video was filmed prior to the official merger in July 2021.  However, you still

may find that it contains relevant and helpful information about the transition.


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1. Will the V&V contact info change?

All our contact info -- at both offices -- will remain the same.

2. How will my monthly distributions change?

Banking information registered with Waddell & Reed has carried over to LPL, but it is still good practice to confirm its accuracy. If you have any questions, give us a call!

3. Will my check-writing capabilities change?

We will need to issue you a new checkbook. If our team hasn't already contacted you, please give us a call to get it set up.

4. Will my insurance or annuity contracts change?

No changes will be made to insurance or annuity contracts.