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Client & Office Connections Protocol 

July 2021 update:

Amidst the many recent challenges facing us all, the opportunity to have such great remote interactions with our clients has been a lifeline.  

Here's the latest look at how we are committed to staying in touch with you. While many will want to connect virtually with us via phone and/or Zoom, we are now meeting at the office again if all parties are comfortable with the below:

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For our mutual safety, we have adopted to the following current guidelines for any in-person paperwork drop-offs or meetings.  While at our office please expect the following: 

•SOCIAL DISTANCE – We are keeping the social distance protocol for both in-person meetings with clients and interaction between staff members in the office.

•WEARING MASKS – Clients who prefer wearing masks during appointments are encouraged to do so, and we will also wear them if preferred.

•SELF-QUARANTINE – If any of our team present fever, flu-like symptoms, or through recent travel or association may have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19, they are asked to work from home.  We ask that clients in similar situations refrain from coming to the office for two weeks following the possible exposure.

Rescheduling to remote meetings will be fully respected for any reason including a lack of comfort with any of the above.

As this season affects us all in different ways, we strive to respect each person’s situation and choices in dealing with this.   Thank you for your patience and goodwill in all this as we prioritize and balance the needs for safety and connectivity for our clients and staff.

Please know we appreciate your business and work to bring our best each day and in our time together, however we connect.

Jeff Feuerstein, President Values and Vision Financial Advisors