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Personal Financial Planning

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Your financial plan can do many things. But we believe it must do just a few things especially well to work for you.

It must address what you care about the most. It must be a plan of action that includes your specific financial needs, both now and for the future, and identifies your objectives over time. It must recommend solutions or steps to help you work toward pursuing your objectives and keep you focused on your overall goals. Finally, it must be flexible and reflect the changes you and your family will experience over time. The elements of comprehensive financial planning fall within these three initial key areas of focus:


Preparing your financial plan begins with listening to you, asking questions about your current financial situation, and identifying your goals and priorities. This gathering of information and identifying what you want for yourself and your family becomes the basis of your plan.


Based on your personal information and goals, strategies that are designed specifically for you, will be determined. This includes proposing solutions for your current needs as well as addressing your long-term goals.


Taking action is perhaps the most important step of all; it's how your potential for success begins. Once your personal financial plan is in place, it becomes a blueprint to your financial future. Working together, we can take action, as well as review and monitor progress over the years.

Personal Financial Planning allows you to:

  • Identify and define your financial goals and objectives
  • Determine strategies and solutions that will help you work toward those goals and objectives
  • Make informed financial decisions based on a plan of action designed to address your specific financial goals, concerns and needs
  • Dovetail your plans with your other financial consultants (such as a tax and legal advisor) to remain focused
  • Become proactive, rather that reactive, when addressing changes in your life, in your tax situation, or economic and financial market conditions
  • Enhance your family communications and understanding of overall financial goals
  • Coordinate various areas of your financial life

Investing involves risk, including the potential for loss of principal.  Waddell & Reed does not offer tax or legal advice.